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Environment: La Dune de Bouctouche

La Dune De Bouctouche, a popular tourist attraction in small Acadian village of Bouctouche has an incredible history and it goes to show that large companies are interested in saving the Earth.

Developped by oil giant, J.D. Irving, La Dune Bouctouche features a 2km long boardwalk, an information centre, and a team of staff who are surveying the dunes for damage, piping plover population, and more.

The Bouctouche Sand Dune is over 2000 years old and has formed as a result of winds, tides, storms, sea currents after the last ice age. It divides Bouctouche Bay and the Detroit of Northumberland on Canada’s Atlantic Coast. The Dunes stretch over 12 km and is home to many different wildlife including foxes, seagulls, and the endangered species, the Piping Plover.

When a Piping Plover nest is found, a protection area is setup by the staff to ensure that the nest is not disturbed to enable the endangered species to reproduce safely. Current estimates bring the total number of piping plovers in North America at 6,410 individuals (1). The population has been on the rise since a preliminary estimate in 2003 counted the species at 3,350 individuals.

This is proof that efforts, such as La Dune de Bouctouche, are effecitvely helping the eco-system, as well as protecting endangered species.

In the summer months, the Dunes become a hot spot for tourists while they explore the eco-system, as well as enjoy a dip in the Detroit of Northumberland waters.

While experiencing amazing Acadian culture, people can come to the Dunes to see what an oil company has done to preserve and protect nature in their hometown.

You can observe the fauna and salt marshes from the boardwalks, or you can simply enjoy the beautiful Irving Nature Trails, which begin at the Dunes and circle the entire village of Bouctouche.

So what is the lesson learned here? Even Oil Companies can make a difference. They turned the Dunes from an ATV (all-terrain-vehicles) & party playground into a beautiful park that everyone can enjoy, while protecting this beautiful piece of nature.

Photos are copyright NMJG Photography 2009-2010
Bouctouche Sand Dunes + Irving Nature Park
Bouctouche, NB, Canada

For information about the Bouctouche Sand Dunes, please visit J.D. Irving Environment Site.

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